What is Prema?

What is Prema? It is unsullied Love. Bhagavan is the embodiment of Prema, Bhagavan is Love incarnate. Devotees all over the world are familiar with the following lines of Bhagavan. Love is my form, Truth is breath.

For all the Love Bhagavan showers on us, He asks us only Love (Prema) in return. By showering our love and Bhakthi we get in return the exalted state of Mukthi.

Let us try to earn the Grace of Bhagavan as suggested by the Saivaite Poet, Sri Manickavachagar, who lived in the early years of 20th century. Sri Manickavachagar asks us to imagine a system of barter wherein we and Bhagavan are co-traders. We are full of shortcomings. Bhagavan in His extreme compassion, will accept us as the commodity and in return, He will offer Himself, In this exchange we are the beneficiaries.

Why should we delay or hesitate when such a Bhagavan is amidst us?

The compassionate Lord is willing to act as a fool and make us feel wiser so that we surrender to Him. God loves to be fooled if it is meant for the Good of Humanity.

We should act immediately. Do not waste time. All that we have to do is to follow the guidelines suggested by Vedas, Sastras & by Him. If we do so, Bhagavan will appear before us.

Again we don't have to get worried and worked up as to how to learn Sastras in this sort span of life. The compassionate Lord has shown us a simple way